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Firestone Audio Korora

Preis 279,00 EUR
Art.Nr.: 2101511
Hersteller: Firestone Audio
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    The Korora can be used with either moving magnet or low-output moving coil cartridges. It utilizes a whole new creative and innovative passive RIAA filter. Switches allow the selection of capacitive load, gain (51, 54, 58, and 69db), and resistive load (10 ohm, 43 ohm, 100ohm, 47Kohm and one free spot).

    Technical Specifications

     Amplifier Structure : MM / MC RIAA amplifier
     Power Structure : Built in Battery and Virtual-Ground power supply
     Gain Control :51dB / 54dB / 58dB / 69dB selectable
     Input Impedence : 220pF / 10ohm / 43ohm / 100ohm / 47Kohm / Option
     Circuit Protect : Output short / over current protect
     Circuit Protect : Over current protect
     Main OPAmp : TI = OP27G, TI – OPA277


     Line Input : 1 of RCA jack
     Line Output : 1 of RCA jack

    System Requirements

     Any LP with MM or MC cartridge

    Package Contents

     Korora DC24V 0.5A power adapter
     User manual