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Quad ESL-2812 Elektrostat Lautsprecher (Paarpreis)

Preis 9.999,00 EUR (Paarpreis)

4.999,50 EUR pro Stück

  • Produktbeschreibung

    Quad ESL-2812 Elektrostat Lautsprecher (Paarpreis)

    The latest version of highly acclaimed ESL series, the ESL-2812 and 2912 are a celebration of a classic.
    Using the signature mylar diaphraghm, yet while re-evaluating all circuitry and components,
    the result is an authentic ESL experience - incredible full range accuracy and startling realism.

    Format Floor standing dipole with 3 degree fixed tilt
    Type Multiple Electrostatic Drive Membranes
    Time Delay Progressive Concentric Rings
    Chassis Structure Heavy Duty Composite Aluminium / Steel
    Panel Elements 4
    Maximum Output 2 N/m² at 2m On Axis
    Sensitivity 1.5mbar Per Volt Referred To 1m
    (86 dB/2.83 V RMS Equivalent)
    Impedance 8 Ohms Nominal
    Impedance Variation 4-15 Ohms
    Maximum Input Continuous Input Voltage (RMS): 10V
    Programme Peak For undistorted Output: 40V
    Permitted Peak Input: 55V
    Frequency Response 37Hz - 21kHz (-6dB)
    33Hz - 23kHz (useable)
    Distortion (100dB at 1m) Above 1000Hz 0.15%
    Above 100Hz 0.5%
    Above 50Hz 1.0%
    Power Consumption 6W
    Dimensions 1006 x 690 x 380mm
    Net Weight 35kg