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Firestone Audio Big Joe III

Preis 279,00 EUR
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    Big Joe III is a Digital Integrated Amplifier with the technology of Class-D. Big Joe III can be running for a long time with high power efficiency、low power consumption. With Coaxial, Optical, USB, and Analogy Input, users can select from available inputs.

    Technical Specifications

     Amplifier Structure : Pure digital signal path, Class-D
     Power Structure : Soft-Start circuit, Single-supply
     Power Mode : Stand by and Power on mode, provided with main power switch to shut down
     Input Select : USB / Coaxial / Optical / Line in
     Power Output : 8ohm @ 20W (10%THD), 4ohm @ 20W (0.3%THD)
     Circuit Protect : Output short / over current / over and under voltage / temperature protect
     Characteristic : Built in high quality WIMA capacitor and inductor
     Re-clock : Include Fi-reclock® technology to reduce jitter
     USB Support Format : 16-bit, 32 / 44.1kHz / 48kHz
     SPDIF Support Format : 24-bit, 96kHz (MAX)
     Main Amp : TI – TAS5706
     ADC Chip : Cirrus – CS5343
     USB Chip : CMedia – CM102
     Receiver : TI – DIR9001


     USB interface (USB 1.1)
     Digital Input :
     1 of coaxial jack
     1 of optical jack
     Line Input : 1 of 3.5mm phone jack
     Line Output : 2 of RJ45 jack (stereo)

    System Requirements

     Using in any equipment with Line-out or Pre-out function
     Intel® Pentium® 2, Celeron® 800MHz or higher computer system
     Microsoft® Windows 2000® (Service Pack 4) or Windows® XP (Service Pack 1)
     128MB RAM
     Available USB port

    Package Contents

     Big Joe III
     DC19V 3.42A power adapter
     Speaker cord
     USB wire
     User manual